Meet the Ambassador

June 26, 2016

I’ve had this car for a few months now but haven’t really posted anything about it. After the BMW 330xi packed up (still needs to be fixed) I needed another comfortable replacement as a daily commute, and what better choice than a 90s Lexus. Its a 1998 JZS161 Lexus GS300, which in the EU comes with a 2JZGE, naturally always Auto.

Fantastic interior, great functionality and one of the quietest and smoothest cars I’ve been in. It makes the weekend commutes between Switzerland and Italy a breeze as it simply eats up miles. It can comfortably cruise at any speed while still being quiet and calm.

Bought from a 90+ year-old man, it was in impeccable condition with just 110,000 km. Very low mileage for the car and also considering its a 1998.

The plan is to try and keep it as comfortable and functional as possible while still improving its looks and style. I already have a few parts for it waiting to go on. Some TEIN S-Tech lower springs should lower the car nicely while still maintaining the soft damping of the original struts.

Less excitedly I also have a tow hitch for the car so I will finally to be able to tow the Great Danton to tracks instead of driving it. Luckily the kit has a removable tow hitch which means that the structure should remain nicely hidden behind the bumper.


JDMilano Squad 2016-04-07

April 10, 2016

October 6, 2011

[Photo: Unknown]

WRC Gr. A 1992 – Carlos Sainz – Toyota Team Europe

[Photo: EspinyaRally]

Rally Catalunya

[Photo: Unknown]

Acropolis Rally

September 27, 2011

[Photo: Toyota]

1992 – Toyota Team Europe’s new ST185 Celica GT-Four

September 24, 2011

[Photo: Toyota]

1988 – Toyota Team Europe Celica GT-Four ST165 and Supra Mark III Manufacture

September 23, 2011

[Photo: Unknown]

Rally New Zealand

WRC Gr. A 1990 – Carlos Sainz – Toyota Team Europe

[Photo: Alessandro Morandi]

Rallye Sanremo

August 9, 2011

Franciacorta Prove Libere 2011.08.06
RHD Supra Turbo. A little bit of rice never hurt anyone.

AVS Model F7