June 29, 2016

Been riding a lot of bikes lately and it’s been a great experience, especially because the Swiss roads and countryside are amazing. A real dream for anyone passionate about riding/driving.


February 19, 2016

Some Suter Racing goodness!

I spotted these guys many years ago at a track day in Franciacorta and since then they have come a hell of a long way. They’ve been competing throughout the year in the Time Attack Italia championship with each member of the team being in the top positions of their class. Hailing from Switzerland, they have made the long journey down to Italy for each event.

What is most impressive is the no. 46 Evo X, which despite looking “lightly” tuned, is one of the fastest cars in the entire championship while being street legal worthy, laying to shame some of the very serious builds and race cars that are competing. This comes down to a well developed chassis over the years, a good driver, and a lot of power.

At Imola, the driver Serse Zeli, was able to lay down and incredible 1:56.176 on semi slick tyres, giving the 3rd fastest outright time.