I love seeing these sorts of cars at tracks, as for me the mid to late 90s Super 2000 touring cars are some of the best looking and coolest race cars that have been produced to this day. This ex-touring car is now living the time attack life and I’m sure it’s a fantastic platform for a street based time attack machine. Luckily it was parked up and had most of its body panels removed giving me a chance to have a peek at some of the details.

The front has been nicely simplified and its all function! Scoops and ducts for the intake, radiator and brakes, and then a few attachment points for the front splitter. The radiator has been relocated to be right at the front of the car and actually looks a little smaller than the stock one.

The engine bay really is spectacular. The engine is incredibly low and rearward in the engine bay and it’s great to see how tidy they are. No unnecessary crap, just pure performance.
Because the engines were NA and the competition was incredibly fierce between manufactures, a lot of development is put into intake and exhaust design, resulting in an overwhelmingly big intake and plenum.

Due to the extensive lowering and 19″ wheels a lot of changes have been made to the chassis too, which you can see by all the welds present. Larger tubs, reinforced strut mounts and engine mounts and seam welds in lots of places.
I also like the removable and lightened front brace; this is something I would like to do on the Nissan.

Beautiful 2-piece discs and AP Racing calipers. Single lug nut for maximum awesomeness.

On to the interior and it’s all business. The driver sits very far back in the vehicle, almost behind the B-pillar with an extended steering wheel and dash. Floor mounted pedal box and of course, a sequential gearbox.


Twin external wastegate F20C. Look at the size of the turbo in comparison to the engine.


After a massive rush to get the car ready I was able to make it to the 4th round of the Italian Time Attack championship at Adria International Raceway. The event is known for being a night race, starting at 5pm and closing off at midnight. This is both first time attack event I’ve seen and competed in, and I was incredibly impressed by the level of builds in Italy. The championship has exploded over the past couple of years with a lot of interest bringing in some impressive Italian and Swiss builds. The following photos only capture a small amount of what was present, about 120 cars, as I didn’t have time to thoroughly explore the pack.

The cars competing ranged from fairly light tuned roads cars, like this Integra, to purpose built Time Attack cars.

All classes except the Extreme classes can run up to Semi slicks (with width restrictions); Extreme can run racing slicks as seen on this S2000.

Minis were super popular.

The incredibly quick J-Spec Performance Evos came down from Switzerland to compete. Some of the fastest street legal entries.

Running the new ZE40s.

Angelo’s quick S14A. Almost 400hp and some serious lap times to prove it.

I’ve really just scratched the surface of what was there. Some high power cars coming out of Italy and a lot of them also street legal.

VTEC Challenge

December 14, 2013

September 7, 2010


After seeing this post on Smoothie I knew I had to try it out, just didn’t have a decent recent photo until now. It sort of works, if you look for the 3D….. ye.

Touge Limits

February 16, 2010

Here are two videos that really impressed me, some crazy stuff happening here.

The first is a video of some super tight one lane drifting, I couldn’t believe how fast and accurate this guy is, total smack in the face to those anti-drift posts:

The second is a video from AutoSelect testing an R35 setup, this is some fast touge: