There’s been a lot of news and coverage of the stunning FT-86 G Sports Concept, but I thought I would post up a video as well of Toyota/Polyphony Digital’s collaboration on the Data Logger Visualization through the “soon-to-be-released” Gran Turismo 5.

Firstly, here are some nice press photos of the G Concept:




Looks like there will be a turbo version…

It comes with the Data Logger Visualization which basically records most of the car’s parameters and position on the track through GPS. This data can then be uploaded into Gran Turismo 5 and played back as a ghost while you drive to compared laps, some trick stuff.
Here’s a video of a test done with an IS-F at Fuji Speedway comparing real life lap to the data uploaded:

Crazy how accurate it is, there are going to be some major advancements in the use of car telemetry.
This could be seriously useful for teams to practice if they can’t do a lot of testing and if GT5’s physics are accurate enough, people could start setting up cars virtually then running them in real life.


News – Hach is back!

October 10, 2009

Another bloody FT-86 blog, sorry… but I’ve come to love this car.

It’s hard to make a sequel to the one of the greatest cars in Japanese history, but from what we see here it could live up to the Hachi-Roku name.

It’s about time Toyota came back into the sports car sector and with an FR machine.

At 4160mm in length it’s actually 40mm shorter than the original. A little wider at 1760mm and 1260mm tall.
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