September 16, 2012


May 15, 2012

Blancpain Endurance Series 2012 – Monza

The corner cutting deterrent was proving ineffective on Valentino Rossi.

Venturi 400 Trophy of the Blancpain Revival Series.

Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca which took part in the 1998 24 Hours of Le Mans.


August 22, 2011

Photo: Motor Sports Com

URAS Type-GT Aero is superb.


北海道 GT Series

September 28, 2010


Why don’t we get this?

7’s Space


No car in the world can ever top the stance Super Touring cars had in the 90’s. In my opinion.


May 26, 2010

… it was nice owning you.

There is something special about your first car, no matter what it is. I’m please that mine was a Celica.
I will always remember her but there will be details that I may forget, so I decided to photograph the small things that made her great.

But to begin with, here’s my first day with her, sitting in her new home with the soshinoya badges I got her.

Showed some age, but it didn’t matter.

It was such a nice feeling to sit in your very first interior, felt like a new small home.

After two years, many drives, nights out and events, this is how she left me:

The header cover was one of the very first things to come off. A few kgs shaved and new view of the exhaust.

Factory mounted strut bar.

I loved all the manufacturing stamps and safety stickers. One look at the name Denso and a nostalgic feeling from Gran Turismo comes in.

There’s a K&N Replacement Air Filter in there.

The brakes were never any good. Age? Most definitely. They couldn’t take the heat.

Who doesn’t love pop-up headlights? And the frameless glass was a nice touch.

The radiator got replaced soon after I got her, the rust sensitive Copper meant I needed a new one, Aluminium this time.

She started first time, every time.

The 3SGE may have lacked torque but it did the job.

260km/h? A little optimistic.

Power rear view mirrors, that’s what I’m talking about.

The RAZO RA43 Shift Knob, my favourite.

The cup holder was crap so I wanted to delete it and while I was at it I decided to make room for the sleepy-eye switches. Carbon-fiber found in the trash at Uni, it was perfect.

Oh it was.

A cracked exhaust meant that the silencer wasn’t really functional, a bonus as it made it sound amazing.
Here’s a video to remind me:

Farewell, it’s sad to think it’ll be a while until I drive something exciting. I hope I don’t have wait too long…