I love seeing these sorts of cars at tracks, as for me the mid to late 90s Super 2000 touring cars are some of the best looking and coolest race cars that have been produced to this day. This ex-touring car is now living the time attack life and I’m sure it’s a fantastic platform for a street based time attack machine. Luckily it was parked up and had most of its body panels removed giving me a chance to have a peek at some of the details.

The front has been nicely simplified and its all function! Scoops and ducts for the intake, radiator and brakes, and then a few attachment points for the front splitter. The radiator has been relocated to be right at the front of the car and actually looks a little smaller than the stock one.

The engine bay really is spectacular. The engine is incredibly low and rearward in the engine bay and it’s great to see how tidy they are. No unnecessary crap, just pure performance.
Because the engines were NA and the competition was incredibly fierce between manufactures, a lot of development is put into intake and exhaust design, resulting in an overwhelmingly big intake and plenum.

Due to the extensive lowering and 19″ wheels a lot of changes have been made to the chassis too, which you can see by all the welds present. Larger tubs, reinforced strut mounts and engine mounts and seam welds in lots of places.
I also like the removable and lightened front brace; this is something I would like to do on the Nissan.

Beautiful 2-piece discs and AP Racing calipers. Single lug nut for maximum awesomeness.

On to the interior and it’s all business. The driver sits very far back in the vehicle, almost behind the B-pillar with an extended steering wheel and dash. Floor mounted pedal box and of course, a sequential gearbox.


February 3, 2016

There hasnt been a lot of progress on the Nissan lately so I thought I would upload a short video of some muscle cars I saw. This just a small slice of a huge private car collection that I was able to see in Minnesota.

December 30, 2015

Mid-Late 90s Super Touring – Ridiculously fast, impossibly cool.

October 21, 2012

I visited an Autobacs and Car Quality shop in Taiwan and thought it would be a good idea to buy a few typical Japanese car accessories, as they’re really not the same as the ones available here in the UK.

Car Mate INDEED cup holder and UsPOT phone holder.

As well as a Broadway oversized rear view mirror.

If you’ve been watching the Dakar you might have seen this OSCar eO, Dakar’s first electric car entry. Total range with batteries and the back up generator is 800km, making it just enough for a typical Dakar stage. The electric motor’s nominal and peak power is 150 kW and 235 kW, with a nominal and peak torque of 400 Nm and 800 Nm giving it a top speed of around 140 km/h. I wonder how long it’ll be until battery technology has advanced enough to ditch the Nissan V6 powered generator.

It’s a promising first attempt at an electric rally-raid car and like the Nissan Leaf RC it gives an interesting insight to the future of motorsport.

[Photo: OSCar]

[Photo: OSCar]

[Photo: OSCar]

Photo: Ric Quintanilla


Unfortunately due to my laziness during the year I have an exam to resit. Studying during the summer sucks, so I’m pretty much stuck at home until I have to leave for Cardiff for the exam. I’m looking forward to Barcelona at the end of August but before I leave I’m going to the Autodromo of Franciacorta to meet up and take photos. Enjoy your summer while I sit at a desk…