Twin external wastegate F20C. Look at the size of the turbo in comparison to the engine.


J’s Racing S2000 N1

November 28, 2009

I couldn’t believe how many people were directed to my site by searching for Honda, S2000 and Wide Body. So I thought I would post these awesome pictures by RKT Vision of the J’s Racing S2000 AP1.

This car has gone through many evolutions but I think it will always be remembered by its incredible pace at Hot Version’s Touge Battle. Proving that high powered turbo engines are not necessary.

J’s Racing have built a few different versions of this car for Circuit racing and Time Attack/Touge, this one is now owned by N1 Concepts.
It was bought and imported to America after J’s Racing decided to build a wide body version of the demo car. From what I can gather, this is the last evolution of the Touge car which competed in HV’s Touge Battles.

The F22C has a 2.3l stroker kit, ITBs with a custom intake plenum.
4.4 Final Drive, 1.5 Way LSD, J’s Racing N1 ECU… and so on.
Pretty much everything is made by J’s Racing.
The engine produces around 320hp and weighs roughly 1230kg.

I love J’s Racing’s aero designs, this is true inspiration. I hope to be able to transfer the same aggressiveness to my next project car. It’s all about the high rear bumper.