So nice to be back home and on holiday, nothing to do but have fun…
I haven’t actually posted any skating before, how’s a crookie?

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Projects – Version 5

March 17, 2010

I’ve tried a few times to put the ideas in my head down onto paper (or screen) to visualize it better, and after 5 attempts I feel like this one works. There are a few more things I want to add but this is close to done.
I wish I had Jonsibal’s skills…

I prefer the Zenki front end and with an R32 GT-R bumper I think it looks perfect. Work Emotion XT7s.

Balang Project Silvia S14


There’s been a lot of news and coverage of the stunning FT-86 G Sports Concept, but I thought I would post up a video as well of Toyota/Polyphony Digital’s collaboration on the Data Logger Visualization through the “soon-to-be-released” Gran Turismo 5.

Firstly, here are some nice press photos of the G Concept:




Looks like there will be a turbo version…

It comes with the Data Logger Visualization which basically records most of the car’s parameters and position on the track through GPS. This data can then be uploaded into Gran Turismo 5 and played back as a ghost while you drive to compared laps, some trick stuff.
Here’s a video of a test done with an IS-F at Fuji Speedway comparing real life lap to the data uploaded:

Crazy how accurate it is, there are going to be some major advancements in the use of car telemetry.
This could be seriously useful for teams to practice if they can’t do a lot of testing and if GT5’s physics are accurate enough, people could start setting up cars virtually then running them in real life.