July 14, 2016

Some additional photos from Imola.

Look at that body-roll! Needs to be addressed.


After finally completing (sort of) the Great Danton I was finally able to attend a round of the Time Attack Italian Championship, my first one this year and round 3 of the championship. This was always going to be a shakedown event to actually make sure the car runs ok and to ensure that all the new components are fitted and working correctly.

The day before the event I had quite a few things to sort out, most importantly a large water leak from the left side of the engine which ended up being one of the water heater coolant lines. I also had to drive the car down from Bergamo all the way to Imola so I was quite careful as it was all unknown, and I stopped a couple of times during the 3 hour trip to check fluids and so on.

This first image sums up my day quite nicely; a lot of time waiting for a session after fixing the car. I had some sort of problem during every session which meant that my actual running time on track was very limited. I would usually go out for about 2-3 laps and then find out I needed to come back in to fix it, by which point it was too late to reenter the session.

The first session I went out for about 5 laps and came back in thinking everything was ok but I had lost a nut from the power-steering pump and the belt was slipping.
In the second session all the water that was available in the sky decided to fall and the session was quickly red flagged. We were able to redo the session after it cleared but I quickly found out that I had lost a bolt on the exhaust and it was dragging.
On the third and final session before the Superlap I decided to actually push the car a bit now as I hadn’t had any chance to actually test the limits of the car and get to know the track a bit better. But at the end of the main straight on my first full power pass the splitter simply couldn’t hold on :D. At around 230km/h it ripped through the bumper and hit the ground. Luckily it had only a few grazes and was able to secure it again to the bumper with an improved mounting strategy but this wasn’t to be enough.

During the superlap on the first lap it once again came loose and started chattering. So I had to take it very cautiously around the lap and then on the second lap my car decided to have a fuelling issue, and that was the end of the day. My pace during the day wasn’t too far off the pack but at not point during the weekend was I pushing the car (posted a similar time to last year); hopefully I can get these issues sorted and hit the track again to actually see the improvements over last year.

Overall I’m actually very pleased with the day because all the issues were fairly minor and can be worked upon and the engine really went without a hitch. An engine I built completely from the ground up actually went pretty well, so it has been a huge learning experience.

GD V2 – Part 23

May 18, 2016

It’s almost over, just a couple of things to finish up. Finally took the car out for a drive today after 6 months of working on it, and it was great to be back in this hard, uncomfortable and ridiculously loud car. The exhaust note has changed drastically from before; I’m not sure if it’s the cams or the tubular manifold or a bit of both but it’s high pitch and raspy, oh and so much louder. It’s almost embarrassingly loud when above 3000 rpm.

The splitter is on, but needs some additional mounting and refinement. I’ve already scraped it, and I haven’t got my scrape plates on it yet.

May 16, 2016

Hardcore >< TAI 2016 Monza

GD V2 – Part 21

May 14, 2016

I didn’t really think there would be so many parts to this, but it’s getting close. After running the engine for a bit I took it to a tuner to get it mapped properly. Luckily I found Preparazioni Soretti, which had worked with the SR20, the Apexi PowerFC and D-Jetro version before, despite being a Subaru specialist.

There were a couple of things he wanted to sort out before mapping the car; these were mainly vacuum and oil lines. With the new tubular manifold, it gets very close to the intake tube and vacuum lines so he recommended moving the rubber joint on the intake pipe and the vacuum line away. The intercooler piping was cut and welded to the turbo outlet and an additional joint added (in blue). Then the vacuum line on the turbo inlet was completely moved away and under the tube, meaning it clears the manifolds completely.

The final result from the mapping session was 343hp (at the crank) and 428 Nm at 1.3bar. I quite happy with the result considering that the pressure isn’t too high and it will be a big difference to my previous setup.

GD V2 – Part 20

May 2, 2016

The car is off to the tuner today so this weekend I’ve been getting everything ready for him. After a bit of fault finding I managed to get the car running on the Apexi PowerFC. The problem was that the original Zenki loom that I cut the plug off actually had a CAS pin missing (don’t know how it ran on the original car!), so I stole a pin from elsewhere and wired it in; then I also discovered I had wired an injector incorrectly.

I then sorted out some of the crank case ventilation items I didn’t like. With the added boost I will run, vaporised oil will increase and so I will need to manage it a bit better than before. So to limit the amount of oil that will be sprayed into the intake system I am now running a catch can system from the valve cover. The right hand side vent still sucks into the plenum but at least the turbo and intercooler will be kept much more clean and keep the octane higher too.

The only spot I could find for the catch tank was under the intercooler piping on the LH side of the engine bay.

Pretty much ready to be tuned, but will need some tidying before we finally drive it.

GD V2 – Part 19

April 25, 2016

Rushed to get the wiring sorted and fit all the cooling, intake and fuel system in and I was finally able to start the engine after 5 months of being in pieces. Very relieved and happy there are no major issues, for now.

A couple of minor leaks here and there, and a lot of things need tiding up until I’m ready to actually move the car under its own power.

The main issue at the moment is with the Apexi PowerFC. I have made a mistake somewhere with the wiring (I’m running a Zenki ECU in a Kouki) and will need to recheck all the ECU pins. Unfortunately I can’t go very far without this working properly. With the 740cc injectors it was running stupidly rich on the standard ECU.