February 3, 2016

There hasnt been a lot of progress on the Nissan lately so I thought I would upload a short video of some muscle cars I saw. This just a small slice of a huge private car collection that I was able to see in Minnesota.


R Performance Switzerland

November 7, 2015

Another team making their way down from Switzerland was RPerformance.ch. This is the first time I’d seen them at a Time Attack Italia event, obviously making the long trek from central Switzerland for the opportunity to race on the incredible Imola.

They had a few cars; this Turboed Integra and 2 all motor CRXs.

The Integra was one of the wildest ones I’ve ever seen, with an enormous aero kit sporting huge splitters and diffusers.

Turbo powered B18.

The CRX was also very nice, and must have been incredibly light. There was literally nothing inside the car, just a seat and a steering wheel.

October 15, 2015

October 4, 2015


August 31, 2015

New livery for the remainder of the season.

JDMilano Squad

August 29, 2015

Shopping at IKEA is very common for JDM enthusiasts on Thursday nights.