CR08 Steering Wheel

March 15, 2012

For the past few months University work has pretty much taken up most of my life. I’ve been pretty busy designing some of Cardiff’s new Formula Student car and this steering wheel is one of the new parts. The previous wheel was a simple formula-type wheel, but with the need to house a new dashboard and electronic shifter buttons, I decided to design my own wheel to package all the parts.

The steering wheel will be manufactured using Selective Laser Sintering (rapid-prototyping) in DuraForm Polyamide. Pretty much any shape can be printed in 3D and the material is surprisingly rigid and strong. The final plastic body will weigh roughly 400g.
Here are some renders:

This is the Race-Technology DASH2 that had to be incorporated into the steering wheel.

Due to the very limited space, the buttons had to be mounted quite high up to clear the dash at the front. Paddles were added to press the buttons at a lower position; the carbon panel just tidies up the wiring.