The 5th round of the Italian Time Attack championship was held last weekend at Varano circuit, which is about 1 hour south from Milan. The little track is hidden away in a valley next to a river. Despite being quite small they’ve made good use of the space and created a cool little track with lots of chiccanes, which I love, and good curbs, which I also love.

Not many changes had been made to the car since Adria, just the addition of the Toyo R888s at the rear, so finally going back to a balanced setup, and the fire extinguisher in the car. I turned up the boost a little too from 0.7bar to around 0.85bar so I’m no longer the car with the lowest power to weight ratio :). I was planning to go to 1 bar but with the heat that we had on the day I decided to hold back; 40C pretty much throughout the day. Cars are not meant to run in these conditions.

The first 3 sessions, practice and qualifying, went well without any problems. Took me at least 2 sessions to actually learn the track and I actually improved by 7 seconds over course of 1 session.

The Superlap race ended up being a bit of a disaster though. Opening lap went ok, then on the second lap (which was my fastest) two FIATs caused me some trouble. A WRC2 looking Punto blew up in front of me, likely due to the heat, then a X1/9 went off into the gravel at the exit of a turn so I had to stay tight for safety.

The session was then red flagged to clean up the FIATs. We are supposed to get 5 flying laps during the Superlap, but when we restarted we only got one more so 3 total, and I got held up by a WTCC Chevy which I stupidly let by thinking he’d be much faster. So a 1:23.7 was the best time during the Superlap but I think I could have easily managed a 1:22 without those problems.

Fire was seen all day from my exhaust apparently.

RWD CLUB championship leader following during the Superlap.

McDonalds racing team.