Once again back at Adria for the 6th round of the Time Attack Championship, which is held in the evening going into the night. The weather played a big role on the day, and maybe for me more so.
As we arrived at the track, in the early afternoon, black clouds could be seen rolling in with predictions stating it could rain until 9pm. Well into the event. Just as we started the briefing before heading out all the heavens opened with a serious storm soaking the track, letting us believe this was going to be a completely wet event.

I had 2 options: risk it with the semi slicks and the probability that I would never be able to get the tires warm, or switch to the rain tires that I brought with me. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of 2 sets of wheels so I had to change the tires and then stick with my decision (as the tire change truck was going to leave for the rest of the evening)!
I decided to do a bit of both; run 2 semis and 2 wets and swap round as needed to balance the car.

As the first sessions rolled out I ran the wets at the front and semis at the rear to ensure I had traction when turning in and braking, but the tires still struggled. Understeer with snap oversteer when on the power, the semis were doing ok in the wet which made me start to believe that my safe choice was indeed going to be a bad one.

Next sessions I swapped the semis to the front and wets to the rear and ran like this for the rest of the day. I struggled immensely with traction coming out the corners and to make things worse it cleared up and with some heat remaining from the hot day the track dried up!
The open diff coupled with little rear traction meant that it wasn’t a great day. Although my best time of the day was still quicker than last time there could have been big improvements. Nevertheless, lessons were learnt and fun was had.

The car hasn’t really had any changes since the last event, 12psi on the T28 making around 220hp, 1250kg. Power upgrades are going to be something very necessary to compete next year with the new classes, as I’ll be running with 300+hp machines.

1:36.464 was the best time, done on the last lap of the superlap session, which allowed me to take 2nd in RWD CLUB class but a healthy 2 seconds behind the leader, Jacopo Battisti, in his Honda S2000.

Now onto Imola at the end of October. Really looking forward to driving on this iconic track, and hopefully my power deficit won’t be too much of a problem.