GD V2 – Part 20

May 2, 2016

The car is off to the tuner today so this weekend I’ve been getting everything ready for him. After a bit of fault finding I managed to get the car running on the Apexi PowerFC. The problem was that the original Zenki loom that I cut the plug off actually had a CAS pin missing (don’t know how it ran on the original car!), so I stole a pin from elsewhere and wired it in; then I also discovered I had wired an injector incorrectly.

I then sorted out some of the crank case ventilation items I didn’t like. With the added boost I will run, vaporised oil will increase and so I will need to manage it a bit better than before. So to limit the amount of oil that will be sprayed into the intake system I am now running a catch can system from the valve cover. The right hand side vent still sucks into the plenum but at least the turbo and intercooler will be kept much more clean and keep the octane higher too.

The only spot I could find for the catch tank was under the intercooler piping on the LH side of the engine bay.

Pretty much ready to be tuned, but will need some tidying before we finally drive it.


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