GD V2 – PART 11

February 20, 2016

The engine has been at the machine shop for the past 2 weeks getting a bit of work done, but I’ve now picked it all up and I am officially putting things back together now. The shop that completed the work is Officina Rettifica Motori Renato Di Pesenti Renzo in Bergamo, just a few minutes from my house.

The block has been cleaned and skimmed, and the cylinders have been bored out to 86.5mm after they were found to be just out of roundness. I will be running oversize pistons.
The head has also been cleaned and skimmed, and additionally the valve seals have been redone together with the exhaust side stem guides.

I’ve given the block a final clean and I’ve started putting a few of the auxiliary parts back on it. The crank and big end-bearings are on their way so I won’t be able to build the bottom end until then. In the meantime I will taking the head and head parts to work to reassemble it all.


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