Franciacorta O P L

August 9, 2015

After many years of visiting Franciacorta I finally got the opportunity to drive it. It was a practice evening organised by the Time Attack Italia organiser; 3 hours from 6 till 9. It started out very wet with a downpour passing by as we arrived at the track, but we were lucky that it stopped raining once the action began and with the summer heat by the time the sessions were over there was a good dry line. This meant that the lap times posted shouldn’t be too far off a completely dry track.

I had a few stupid problems during the day though. Once I started really pushing I was moving about in the car a lot due to the stock seat and I was actually knocking the ignition switch with my knee (tall people problems) and turning the car off, even more annoying when I was on a hot lap. This must have happened more than 5 times; very stupid and very annoying. Then towards the end of the day I got the Diff Oil warning light which I presumed was due to the temperature. At first I thought it was an engine oil warning and killed the car immediately and rolled off the track, then went to check my oil and to my surprise it was all still there. The went back into the car to inspect further and facepalmed once I read it correctly.

A 1:27.87 was the best of the day. I will probably be coming back here at the end of September and I hope it will be bone dry.


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