The Great Danton is Back!

June 24, 2015

After 3 months of downtime the Great Danton is finally back on the road, in fact it was finished the morning before going to Adria. The main objective of the work was to restore the rear suspension and fix a few other items throughout the car.

The biggest work and item was the rear sub-frame and suspension arms. A new subframe was restored and coated, then assembled to the car with Driftworks Poly subframe bushes. The diff bushes were also upgraded to solid Alu types from Driftworks. The traction, camber and toe arm were replaced with Driftwork’s adjustable units. The rear studs were replaced, while everything was out, to longer versions; now common with the front. This allowed me to run my 10mm spacers at the rear, while at front I got 15mm hubcentric spacers from Sparco. There’s a bit of rubbing but not too excessive.

The interior was stripped, leaving just the dash, door cards and lining. Jack, spare wheel and antenna also went.

At the front the wheels were changed for 18″ x 9″ +27 Rota G-Force. The overall setup is 18×9 +12 Front (including the spacers) and 18×8.5 +20 Rear (including spacers). 245/40s all round. I like the reverse stagger; the wider front track really balances the car.

The front braking system was also upgraded with 350Z Brembo calipers with Ferodo DS2500 pads. Tarox F2000 discs. Braided conversion hoses from Apex Performance. With this new setup the braking performance is greatly improved and was a necessity as the standard system really doesn’t have much power.

In the engine bay the turbo has been rid of the snapped bolts and fixed and a Driftworks Super Cool rad has been installed.


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