Great Danton: Update Part 2

May 10, 2015

Spent the weekend taking the interior out and finishing a few items, as I’m currently waiting on quite a few parts that’ll allow me to drop the car and run it. The car needs to be running next week to ensure I can give it a good shakedown and get the tracking done.

With the empty boot you can see the relocated battery. I’m also retaining the oldschool 6 disc CD changer as I’ll be ripping my antenna out after it got stuck up. Gotta burn some sweet CDs with motivational music for on the way to the track.

I also finished fixing the turbo and it’s now ready to go back in. Managed to drill out the 2 bolts that snapped at Monza, including the bolt extractor that I snapped inside. Had to get some Carbide ball nose end mill bits to plough through the extractor. Was then able to drill and rethread the holes to the same thread.

I installed new longer studs at the rear as I’ll be running spacers now. Had to drill them to 14mm as the studs are Evo extended units which have a 14.4mm spline. Having access to a press made it a breeze.


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