Great Danton: Update Part 1

May 3, 2015

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on the Great Danton, trying to refurb some of the problem and worn out areas of the car. It’s been a while since the car has had any down time and after all the track days and dailying it in Switzerland for a bit it became a bit of a mess; blowing turbo, ruined discs and some miss-fires.

The original sub-frame had seen better days, so I picked up a spare for which I could sand blast, zinc coat and powder coat. I then gave it a top coat of colour as I didn’t really want to keep it black, but didn’t really mind what colour.

The new sub-frame is mounted to chassis with Driftworks Poly Sub-frame Bushes. With the drop in ride-height the alignment went to shit (3 degrees of camber) so all the upper suspension arms, traction, camber and toe, have been replaced with Driftworks adjustable units. Lower arms have been kept stock.

And keeping with the Driftworks trend, the differential bushings have been replaced with solid units from Driftworks. I hope the NVH doesn’t become too unbearable. With the diff out of the car I also took the opportunity to replace the oil with Eni 80w-90 and also clean up some of the hoses after the oil cooler was removed.

After the overheating problems I had at Monza I inspected the rad and found it to be filled with crap. Instead of cleaning it out I decided to get a Driftworks Supercool aluminium replacement and also remove the A/C rad. So much cleaner and less cluttered at the front now.


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