Monza Speed Day 2015 J A P A N S T Y L E

March 7, 2015

Being four hours away from Monza now I couldn’t miss their JDM specific Speed Day event, which was held the 1st of Feb. This was to be the last track event before I stowed the Great Danton away for a bit of TLC, and boy is it necessary.

I had a bit of a mishap the coming week in some snow in Bern and kissed a curb with one of my Gram Lights, rendering it not track worthy. So I was forced to run stock wheels and tyres on the back as I couldn’t find replacements in such short notice. I decided to keep the 57C on at the front as I could always do with some extra front grip but at you can imagine it had a huge effect on the balance of the car. As fun as oversteer is, the previous proper set up was so balanced and stable that it was very confidence inducing, which would have been valuable on a high speed track like Monza. Non-the-less it was very enjoyable to wrestle the car through most turns.

The conditions were perfect; fresh and sunny, with a perfectly dry track. Despite the lack of rear grip my fastest lap was a 2:28.08, which I am quite pleased with.

SR20DET @10-12psi
Bridgestone Potenza RE002 245/40/18 Front
Bridgestone Turanza T001 205/50/16 Rear

The reason why I wrote 10 to 12psi is because I was having some issues. I had slight overheating problems forcing me to run a slow lap every 3 or 4 laps, which was probably caused by the clogged rad (which I discovered while removing it) and potentially the turbo elbow gasket problems. 2 of the turbo elbow bolts sheared, which then destroyed the gasket and caused quite a large exhaust leak in the engine bay. This could have increased the engine bay temperatures significantly adding to the cooling problem (as I had zero issues at Cadwell or any track day). This overheating problem was proportional to the over-boosting problem, which I think is due to the manual boost controller being so close the exhaust leak, causing the whole valve to overheat. But this is all speculation.

The car is now in my garage where I’m doing a reasonable overhaul, and the cooling system will be addressed regardless on top of the rear sub-frame restoration, braking system upgrades and turbo repairs I plan to do.


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