November 4, 2014

Was at Cadwell Park for an open pit lane session last Friday but before I get into that I thought I’d give an update on the Great Danton and its current condition.

So since the last track day at Donington a few cosmetic, performance and service items have been changed.

Cosmetically the front wings have been cut and painted to match. I’ve been questioned a lot about it but I love the look. Eventually some composite covers will be added to make it less spartan.
At the rear the standard bumper has been modified into a JDM spec one and fitted with a central square LED fog light. A full write up will be coming on how to approach this. It transforms the rear of the car!

New rear discs, rear and front pads where fitted; EBC Ultimax, EBC Red Stuff and Ferodo DS2500 respectively. The braking system was freshened up with some Halfords Racing DOT 4 brake fluid.
The worn Pirelli P Zero Rosso didn’t last very long so a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin have be fitted in the same 245/40/18 size. They qualify as a street MSA 1a list tyre.
A 3″ aftermarket exhaust and an Apexi Power Filter have been added on the respiratory department. The spooling time is reduced and max boost is now held all the way to the redline. On the standard exhaust the pressure drooped by a couple of psi by the time is came to max rpm. I actually wasn’t expecting these mods to make such a noticeable difference.

On the interior as well as the Personal Neo Grinta there is also a D1-Spec quick release, which brings the steering wheel closer by 70mm (with a 10mm spacer), greatly improving driving position and helping with heel-and-toe. An Apex Perfomance short shifter has got rid of the sloppy, loose original gear shifter.


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