458 Challenge Underbody

September 15, 2014

While spending the afternoon at Ferrari Racing Days with ff Corse I thought it would be a good opportunity to see some of the details on the Challenge cars. They have been developed over so many years and across numerous models that you’d expect them to be pretty well proven.

A splitter is something I’m very keen on making soon as it’s one of the few steps I can take to improve frontal grip.

The splitter on the 458 Challenge is this carbon fibre skinned sandwich roughly 12mm thick. The “aesthetic” part of the splitter, which also formed the air dam, sat on top a plain carbon aramid panel that formed the rest of the front underbody. It was interesting to see that the front underbody/splitter was the only aramid fibre I could see on the car.

2 canards were riveted to each side of the bumper.

Recessed mounting points and venturi tunnels in front of each wheel well can also be seen.

At the rear a separate panel formed the rear diffuser with multiple guide vanes.

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