March 9, 2011

Monza. It’s a race track in one of the biggest back gardens in the world. The moment you drive through the gates from the city and begin crusing through peaceful fields and forests I get chills through my spine. You can just feel the history around you. Most buildings haven’t changed.
You then reach the tunnel that leads you under the track. It’s old, the paint is fading from nostalgic paint schemes and logos.

It simply tradition to blast through it. Echo Ferrari, echo.
Without fail I always visit the old banked track. For me it’s one of the most epic pieces of racing history in the world and even though the main straight is now part of it, it still stands complete in all it’s awe. Stand on it and tell me you can’t feel the atmosphere.

Like many people I’m sure, I would have loved to have witnessed it in action. High speed racing through the forest on a bank so steep I can barely climb up it.

Alterations to the track simply blend in to the old surroundings.


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