Dirt 3 Does Cardiff

November 11, 2010


Dirt 3’s creators where in town to present their game to the press and I was kindly allowed to come along and check it out. Free food and an open bar are very much appreciated when you’re a student.
I’d never been to a press event before so seeing what goes down behind the scenes between developers and journalists was intriguing, and to actually be present at the game presentation was a brand new experience. Naturally no one is allowed to release any info until the embargo is lifted on the 17th.


But one thing I can talk about is the good time I had trying out the 2 demos available, the timed stage in the hydraulic motion simulator especially. They had a little competition on who could set the fastest times, naturally my mega competitive side kicked in.


Both Ken Block and Kris Meeke (IRC Champ) were on hand to set a time, Kris looked particularly quick.



I tried my hardest to beat Kris’ record time of the day but a small mistake on the last turn cost me dearly, it was one of those moments when you look at your splits and start giggling because your faster, then think “Don’t make a mistake” and you make a mistake. I’m very pleased he was impressed with my time and shook my hand after the run.


I think he noticed my split times were faster then his until the final split (I’m probably taking this too seriously, lol) so he jumped back on but couldn’t improve on his original.


This bumps my total number of photos with famous people up to 3. POW.

All of the Codemasters team were super friendly and clearly passionate towards cars and their work, and the two have been linked together beautifully in this game and the event.


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