Under Suzuki’s Devil S15

October 28, 2010


If there is one car out there that really gives hope to all us privateers it has to be Under Suzuki’s Silvia S15. His car has been featured on a few sites but with good reason. This is no ordinay S-chassis, this is a 55 second car round Tsukuba.


If there was anything unnecessary on the car you know it would have been removed and almost everything that can be made lighter has been, bringing the total weight down to an astounding 1050kg. By the looks of it, he plans on making everything he possibly can out of Carbon.


Despite the all function approach it still looks damn awesome.


A lot of aero work, strictly performance based, has been carried out. Stock fenders have been spaced out, wooden splitter and a rather large GT wing. I’ve read through his blog a few times (translated naturally) and it’s quite amazing how much detail he puts into every component for improvement.


Power comes from a variable valve timing SR20, the VET. Tuned to develop 680hp.


Proof. 55.563. Only a handful of companies have ventured this low.


What a car, what an achievement.


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