Z50J: Little Work

July 31, 2010


After seeing loads of customised mini bikes online I’ve had an urge to work on my little Z50J. Plus this is the only thing I have to get my hands dirty on.

Today I sorted out the indicators. As you can see one of the back ones got crushed after the bike fell a while ago. Quashed it back and now the orange light cover fits on nicely.



The front ones are sorted too, the left light needed to be re-soldered into the loom.


Took the back wheel of it too as it has a slow leak, they have tubes which hopefully can be repaired as I would have to import a new one.


I love cleaning parts, so satisfying.


Cleaned the bearings out and added some bearing lube.


Among all the crap in my garage I found a number plate for the bike as well, but it’s a UK plate. Never knew this bike was driven in the UK.


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