SUPER TURISMO A1 1989: BMW M3 Evoluzione

July 26, 2010



Found this gem of a book in the garage while cleaning out of the Italian Super Turismo championship of 1989.


4 Responses to “SUPER TURISMO A1 1989: BMW M3 Evoluzione”

  1. Bill Cutler said

    Hi, I would be very interested to see more of this book, i have one of the M3’s which raced in the 1989 CIVT

    • Balang Project said

      I currently don’t have the book with me, but maybe you could tell me more of the car you have and next time I return home I’ll see if there are photos of it.

      • Bill Cutler said

        Hi, thanks for your reply, we believe my car was the other Bigazzi Monte Shell? team car, sister car to the #16 in your photo. Any info appreciated. Would you sell the book?

  2. Balang Project said

    The book belongs to my father and I’m not sure how willing he is to sell it… I’ll get some info on the book, maybe you can find one.

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