SIGHTSEEING: Raked Rat Beetle

July 16, 2010


This is definitely not something you see in Cardiff everyday. I was trundling home on my bicycle, my preferred method of transport now, and saw this blaspheming Beetle, it was savage…


The rat look with matt black made even a Beetle look scary, they’re pretty cute normally.


The rake just makes it awesome. The writing on the windshield wing/visor suggests that it belongs to someone at the nearby Cardiff AutoCar shop, never seen it before but they had a few decent cars in like an Evo IV, a Celica GT and an Impreza.


The rat look was contrasted by the racing alloys, brake upgrade and roll cage. It was a weird combination all round.


2 Responses to “SIGHTSEEING: Raked Rat Beetle”

  1. beachbody said

    Many people will agree with your opinion whoever many other’s will not agree,but I appreciate your work here.

  2. don said

    this car looks menacing to say the least. and judging from the popped boot i’d say there’s something a little more sinister than the stock engine powering that bug…
    ….sti swap…? =]

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