FSAE 2010 CR: Llandow Shakedown

June 29, 2010


Today we headed down to Llandow to continue testing the car. Instead of using the actual race track which is really just an oval with a chicane, we used the go-kart track they have there. After sorting out the usual problems of getting the car running, I hopped into the car.


Neat little (radical?) running on the track.


This is the first time I’ve ever driven anything like this. It’s comparable to a racing go-kart in terms of handling but the acceleration is something else. The car has an impressive power to weight ratio, only slightly less than super motard the 550 Aprilia came out of. So it climbs through the gears quickly.


One of our guys is a pretty awesome photographer.


As we break the car in and get used to it we can start pushing it a bit more seriously.


The guy I’m probably going to be running the endurance event with at Formula Student in July, has been dying to drive one of these for 3 years, but has always been stripped of doing so by technical problems. Luckily today, after sorting out some clutch problems, he finally drove it.


Simple problems call for extreme measures.


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