FSAE 2010 CR – Update 2

June 17, 2010


More progress.

The front end is basically done, the engine and most of it’s parts are in. Wiring needs to be finished, rear suspension and oil system. ETA some time next week.


The completed front suspension. Pull cantilever.


Brembo motorbike brakes with the single lug hubs.


Lovely new loom.


All the driver controls are essentially finished, the paddle shift is awesome.

5 Responses to “FSAE 2010 CR – Update 2”

  1. John said

    Nice cam sensor install, and is that a momo quick release I see hiding behind that steering wheel?

    • Balang Project said

      Im not sure that quick release that is, it has been carried over from other previous cars for years.

  2. John said

    Do you have a weight on the chassis (AlHC + roll hoop)?

    • Balang Project said

      I’m sure we have weighed the chassis by itself, I’ll have to get back to you on the exact number. I know that the complete car should weigh around 205-210kg.

    • Balang Project said

      The AlHC alone weighs around 35-40kg, the steel roll bars have not been weighed.

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