Formula Student – CR06 Is On Its Way

May 7, 2010

A year has pretty much passed since I’ve updated anything regarding Formula Student so I thought I would take some shots with my phone (I know my phone is piece of shit, but it works, it’s from 2005) and report on some of the work that the team has put in. Our car last year had numerous problems and at the last minute due to a company’s error in manufacturing we had to pull out of the event. This year, the chassis and a few other parts have been redesigned but the car is essentially the same as last years. So we’re hoping that all the experience and work we did last year will carry over on to this chassis and it’ll be more reliable. After exams the build will be on full force and this time round we’re hoping to get some real track testing. I’ll take my camera round and give more detailed look at some of the parts, for now:


1: CR05 being broken for parts after the chassis melted on the dyno, I don’t think the ceramic coating was done properly.
2: Parts.
3: The chassis is almost finished and ready for paint.
4: Same.


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