Sightseeing – Z360 Garage Gem

March 22, 2010

My family has a garage in the center of town, why, I have no idea. But it’s just used as storage for basically everything: cars, vintage bikes, scooters, furniture, clothes, car parts and so on…

But there is one gem in there that I had to go visit. My grandfather restores cars and he’s a massive Honda fan as he used to own a Honda dealer back in the day and now owns a Honda S800. But this Z360 belongs to a friend of his and he’s helped him work on it.


This little thing has been hidden away for months under wraps, yet it’s in full working order and beautifully restored, shame.


Such a cute little thing.



The interior is quite nice, very similar to the S800. Clean.


I would not want to be doing 150 km/h in this thing…


The logo reminds me of the one on the Nissan Z33.



Wouldn’t mind having a little tuned one of these…


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