The Ones That Missed The Spotlight

January 14, 2010

There’s a lot of talk and reviews about the Revolution TA-2 and the R-Magic FD3S has been under the spotlight for a couple of years now, but it seems their predecessors didn’t get much attention… really couldn’t find much on the internet about these two cars.

Before the TA-2 there was the Revolution TA-1.
A pretty revolutionary (pardon the pun) car for the time with a best lap round Tsukuba of 57.913.



Air jacks on a Time Attack, are you crazy? for the time.


The engine has been pushed back considerably.

R-Magic’s FD Time Attack predecessor, the FC3S Demo Car, looks as amazing as all their other cars. 406ps and an incredible 977kg. Best time of 59.973.




Check the super awesome high rear bumper, truly love this look.


Here’s the GT300 inspired interior with fold up steering boss.

Maybe I’ll post some more of these nostalgic posts.


One Response to “The Ones That Missed The Spotlight”

  1. Almigo said

    Geez that FC’s rear end looks like someone knocked it off and they’ve just left it that way. Still it looks as tough as hell and at 977kgs would be so much fun to throw around corners…

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