Best Of 2009

January 3, 2010

I thought I would make a post, like everyone else is doing, of the best photos, videos, etc… of 2009.



This shot by Alexi Smith is jaw dropping. Haruyama’s Chaser, 3-wheeling, doesn’t get much better than this.
Nori Yaro


Dino Dalle Carbonare is on fire this year with his event coverage for Missiles trying their hardest to hit the various walls on the Ebisu tracks, this one doing a good job at Minami. It’s amazing to see a car so smashed up and drifting, even though I don’t fully agree with missiles. I think the idea of using a car for the pure purpose of enjoyment is amazing, but at the same time I believe that all cars should be respected.


This video by Justin Shreeve really surprised me, the editing is top notch and the flow with the music is spot on. Some stunning shots. Pity it’s not in HD.

In my eyes, Will Roegge’s best work. So perfect.

Weird how I consider myself a grip person yet I’ve chosen all drift material.


This is my best moment of the year I think, meeting Team Orange for the first time, awesome!


My favorite photo I’ve taken of the year, Kumakubo at Monza.

That’ll do.


The most clicked photo on this blog:


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