Sightseeing – I see grey…

October 7, 2009

I posted a shot of these in one of the Drift Stars posts. I’ve only ever seen these two cars together, and I’m liking the grey thing they got going on…

The R34 is very attractive, a few suttle Nismo add-ons and Blitz wheels, 19″ would have looked a touch better.


Did I mention it was a V-Spec?


The JZA80 Supra on the other hand had some serious aero mods, it looks pretty good but would really pull it
off is if it was 40mm lower. I’m guessing this one had a basic boost-up like the Skyline.
I like the front air extractor in the fender…


I’ve yet to come across the owners, wouldn’t mind asking them what parts they have. As awesome as these are it’s sad to say that these are the best JDM cars in Italy, there is a beautiful blue BNR34 which I’d love to see in person…


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