Drift Stars Exhibition Match 2009 Sunday Part 2

September 28, 2009

Having no internet at my home in Uni is pure fail…

Here is the almost last post about Drift Stars, the second part of Sunday.
As well as the Team Orange demos there was the main elimination round far the competitors (Team Orange didn’t take part).
From 16 they would tsuiso battle their way to victory, like normal.

At first the tandem battles weren’t as close as I was expecting, maybe it’s due to the high speed course and the fact that there was no real prize.

But as the drifting wen’t on they got better and better, the fans were loving it. It was great to hear people shout “one more time”, even though most of them didn’t know what it meant.

Paul Vlasblom showing how it’s done:

The final was between Vlasblom and Rusca.

Paul is definitely one of if not the best drifter in Europe…

Spotted these in the pit area, they seem to be at every Japanese oriented event.

Rino was stealing the pit girls and taking them for spins in his buggy… legend.

Some ziptied people might recognize this car:

One more post on some dramatic shots…

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