Drift Stars Exhibition Match 2009 Sunday – The Orange

September 21, 2009

What can I say? They put on an amazing show and the European drifters were also top notch…

Got there too early for my health at 9:30am and we grouped outside the gates waiting for other JCI members to arrive.
We then headed in…

We spent the morning in the pit area seeing what we saw Saturday just with numerous people. Saturday was great for this as we basically had the place to our selves..

Bastogi, great car, great drifting…

But this time the girls were out!

At 2:00pm Practice began followed swiftly by Qualifying…

Vlasblom was on fire, sick angle, sick smoke. Definitely one of the best European drifters…

The V8 roar coming out of this Mustang was simply epic, it could be heard for miles and it was incredibly loud even when it was accelerating towards us to initiate as the noise echoed off the signs and parabolica.

After Qualifying and also after the main Final tsuiso battles Team Orange put on a few shows, they had a few kick ass demo runs and a little tsuiso battle between them selves.

Preparing for some quintuple drift:

The tsuiso battles were quality, better than what you expect. The Kumakubo vs. Tanaka battle took 2 One More Times to decide. This is why…

Crazy close switch back:

I don’t know how they fit!

Kumakubo eventually prevailed, here he is proving that he is the Tsuiso King!

The next post will be about the main Final event…


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