Drift Stars Exhibition Match 2009 Saturday Part 1

September 19, 2009

Today was an awesome day. As it was practice day there were hardly any people apart from drivers and mechanics, but the drifting was amazing and they put on a good show for the friends supporting them. I got there at lunch time as they were having a drivers meeting just before the practice session began.

Here’s Team Orange’s pit area:

The drifting course setup was using the Ascari chicane at Monza circuit, with an awesome 160km/h entry, nice left turn into a wide sweeping right, until another switchback leading onto the main back straight.

It didn’t take long until the drivers got used to the course and began laying good runs…

Dutch drifter Paul Vlasblom

Drift Queen

The Sheriff




A Nomuken ER34 Replica, looked pretty sweet.

The driver is the funniest guy by a mile.

Thumbs Up!

And how we met the stars…

It was an honor to meet these legends in the flesh. Pity I look like a retard in the photo…

And I’ll leave you with this for the first installment of Drift Stars…


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