Formula Student – Cardiff Racing

July 10, 2009

I’m currently building a Formula Student car with 8 or 9 other guys for this years event. We’ve been putting in so much work lately to get it ready as we keep encountering problems.
Formula Student is basically a racing event for students, the cars must be designed and built by the University students and comply to some regulations.

Because of these regulations the front of the cars is enourmous.

The event is at Silverstone next weekend and we are struggling to get it ready, it hasn’t even fired up yet and there are huge problems with the suspension.
These shots are from when we were trying to start it, but the starter motor was failing, new one has just arrived today.

I really hope we can make it this year, plus I can’t wait to drive it.
The monocoque chassis is made from Aluminium honeycomb, theres a V2 Aprilia 550 in the back and it should weigh around 200kg without driver.

There will be a full review of the car once its finished and hopefully of the event too…

Gotta go back and work on it now.


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