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July 3, 2009


As this is my first post I’m going to make it a big one. Firstly let me present myself, my name is Ben and I’m half Italian half British, I was born and have lived in Italy all my live. I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University. I would say I was too passionate about cars, if you can be. I follow quite a few blogs like Nori Yaro, SpeedHunters, The Real JDM and so on… and really do love them, but I thought about making my own to show different sides of motoring and maybe a more technical side. As much as I love looking at cars from the outside I am truly fascinated by the details, so that’s how I’m going to orient my posts.

I’ll start off with some old days at the track. My father used to work for a company called Fiorano Ferrari as he’s a racing instructor. He started off with motocross in Zambia, then moved to Italy and raced touring cars, rally and a few other things.
Fiorano Ferrari used to organize track days for lucky Ferrari owners all around Europe and I was lucky enough to attend two of these as a guest.

In 2006 I went to what I would call my local track, Monza. I got to the track early in the morning as the sun was rising with the rest of the instructors and staff. The track was bathed in mist; it was quite amazing to see this incredible and brutal track in such a peaceful setting.
As the crew was getting the cars ready a loud siren went off to warn that the track was opening. Before the cars get used, the instructors warm up the engines, brakes and check the track by running a few laps. So I hopped in for the ride.

I do love Monza; it really is a beautiful track. Especially when roaring round in an F430.

A Ferrari Challenge team was there that weekend testing as well, so I had a look around their pit area. I think the team was owned by one of the Fiorano Ferrari crew as my dad knew them and they were pretty relaxed for me to walk around.

Stunning carbon ceramic brakes.

Even though Fiorano Ferrari had quite a few F430s and F360 Challenges, some members have their personal cars brought to the event. There was quite a nice selection.

Two years later I got the chance to go to Paul Ricard and first thing I must talk about is how amazing this private track is. Everything within the gates was so spotless I could have licked it, the beautiful tarmac leading to the main buildings, the stunning gardens with perfect trees. If I were a millionare this is defenately were I would spend most of my time, I can’t imagine how amazing the hotel is in the grounds. I could hang out in the driver’s lounge were the was free food and drinks, I must have had about 5 ice-teas throughout the day.

Customer cars in the back, the selection had improved with an epic F40 and a F430 GT.

The Fiorano Ferrari F430s were replaced with Scuderias, I approve.

Nicely sculpted wing mirrors.

The back end of a Scuderia is all purpose, and the exhaust is so loud I don’t know how it’s street legal.

Another back end, this time of the F40.

The mechanics were kind enough to remove the bonnet of the F430 GT so I could have a look. Nice carbon extractor for the radiator.

Now onto the F430 Challenges which I was lucky enough to had a ride in one. This is how an interior should look like, all purpose yet still have some quality and styling.

The front of the Challenge isn’t as aggressive as it should be in my opinion. A sharp, evil looking splitter would look good here.

Another look at those carbon brakes. I like how the 430 Challenge wheels resemble the old 360 Challenge ones, just with a more modern look.

The 360 Challenge wheels in black, not bad. Just from these two shots you can tell how much the new Challenge has improved. Lighter single lug wheels and carbon ceramic brakes.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll leave you with a video from the events.



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